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Price-Less Ads provides custom websites at fair cost for people dealing in antiques, fine arts, clocks, jewelry, model trains, tools, watches and related businesses. We establish a working relationship with our clients to help them market their business over the Internet. Please see our website design services page.

We also provide a favorite gateway to the World Wide Web for the collector. Our directory links collectors to all sorts of websites offering products, services, and information on antiques and collectibles.

While we focus on antiques, fine arts, clocks, jewelry, model trains, tools, watches, and related businesses, we also serve other types of commercial sites.

The Web is a rapidly growing new advertising medium, and it offers dealers an opportunity to increase their business, and to expand it, literally, world wide. We have clients where approximately 30% of their business is international.

In many cases, the Web has become an exciting opportunity for creating a new revenue stream by selling products over the Web like a mail order business. This has become an important adjunct to stores with seasonal business levels.

Dealers and auctioneers are not only getting more customers from the Web, but they are also getting more suppliers. In the business of antiques, collectibles, and preowned merchandise, finding quality products to sell is often more important than getting new customers.

By the way, our hobby is in antique watches and clocks. You might see a little bias here, but hey, you have to have fun too. - Ron Price

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